Project Description

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Gilroy Catholic College, Castle Hill, NSW

Scope Of Works

  • The scope of the contract electrical works as detailed within this specification and associated drawings shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
  • Engagement of level 2 service providers to undertake and complete the associated works.
  • Payment of all associated fees, charges and completion of all application forms associated with supply authorities.
  • Electrical and communications pits as required including trenching, backfilling, compaction and surface re-instatement.
  • Replacement of the existing school main switchboard with a new main switchboard complying with the latest Australian Standards complete with all associated cabling and equipment such as metering, CT panels, tee off boxes etc.
  • Supply and install distribution boards and mechanical services switch boards including keys, doors, escutcheons and all associated equipment;
  • Supply and install submains to the distribution boards including heavy duty cables ladder trays;
  • Supply and install submains to the other services panels including all mechanical switchboards, hydraulic panels etc.;
  • Provisional space for future power factor correction unit;
  • Certification of all Essential Electrical Services.
  • Supply and install internal and external lighting systems and associated sub circuiting and associated controls including PE cells, timer switches etc.
  • Supply and install emergency and exit lighting system with test switches and as required by AS 2293;
  • Supply and install power outlets and permanent electrical connections along with associated sub circuiting;
  • Modify and expand existing voice/ data services including communications cabinets and commissioning;
  • Modify and expand existing structured data/voice cabling system including communications cabinets, cabling, patch panels, patch leads and terminations to the requirements of CEO Parramatta Structured Cabling Specification March 2014.
  • Supply and install communications outlets and associated horizontal cabling.
  • Supply and install automatic smoke detection and occupant warning system including smoke/heat detectors, internal/external occupant warning speakers and all necessary cabling.
  • Modify and expand existing security system equipment as documented in the drawings. Refer to Architectural drawings for door hardware schedule.
    • Security system including panels, detectors/sensors, reed switches and keypads.
    • All necessary control panels and cabling.
  • Supply and install all fire rated equipment/accessories to fire rate all electrical services penetrations through fire rated walls and structures;
  • Supply and install all other miscellaneous minor works as described elsewhere in this specification and/or indicated on the drawings;
  • Testing and commissioning of all systems;
  • 12 months defects liability period and maintenance;
  • Shop drawings, as-installed drawings and photos of hidden cabling within roof spaces and other cavities;
  • Comprehensive user training to ensure that the Client is fully familiar with operational and maintenance procedures.

Project Details


July 31st, 2016


Gilroy Catholic College




Stanton Dahl

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